Who I Am,

and why you should work with me.

Hi, I’m Robert!


I was born to write. Growing up, I’ve always held on to a sense of curiosity about the world. I kept journals as a kid, and would read and write a little more than most kids my age.

After I graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a background in Accounting and Finance, I knew that something was missing from my life. Though I found what I learned at university valuable and practical in its own right, I was always naturally led back to creative ventures. Something told me that I had a talent to share with the world, and I was going to do it!

When I finally decided to submit one of my articles to a well-respected strength training publication, my purpose in life was made crystal clear: Share information that will help people better themselves and their businesses.

My expertise lies in making your brand stand out. Whatever industry you’re in, I do my very best to write excellent copy and content geared toward your particular clientele.

It is critical for every business to have a unique presence among their competitors. Without this in place, you are just another business that doesn’t stand out from the crowd—an alternative. Trust me, you don’t want to be an alternative.

Let me help you find your voice, and if you’ve already found it, allow me to bring that out for you. Clients come to me because they trust me with quality and timeliness, and I make sure to deliver that each and every time.